Sometimes I hear, “What’s the point of social media for my business?” From a small business perspective, it seems like a lot of work for an uncertain reward. After a recent interaction with a client, who didn’t want to invest energy into other local businesses, I gave it some serious thought. I empathize that a small business owner’s energy is pulled in multiple directions and finding extra time and energy to reach beyond their own endeavor is hard to manifest. Knowing our own efforts at 3 Bossy Bees to build that beautiful site, develop a following, and generate our own content has resulted in thoughtful and careful work – all requiring time and effort – we know we also need to foster connections locally.

So. What is the point of all these connections? Why do you have to care? Why should you? You have to remember we are in this big boat together. We share space and community with neighbors, competition, customers, support, resources, etc., and they want to know you. They also want the acknowledgment and reassurance that you are their support and apart of their community.

Finding what you share in common starts a connection and learning about each other offers inspiration. It always makes me smile when I hear one business advocate for another. When I hear a business owner talk about where their get their coffee or where their favorite meal is from, I feel as though I can have that experience or get to know their brand in a different way. When a small business owner supports their community you see an extension of them and the thoughtful reinvestment of their time and money. This energy cares for the very people that sustain them.

To answer that question, “What’s the point?” The point is to invest in your community. Lift others up and in doing so you lift yourself up.

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