We will be joining Mighty Neighborly at the Haw River Ballroom today to support the UNC Center for Civil Rights. If you happen to love music and want to support a good cause, join us from 12PM – 10PM and catch some of these great talents and your local North Carolina representatives:

The Concert Lineup

Kenny Roby
Senator Floyd McKissick, Jr.
I Was Totally Destroying It
Rep. Graig Meyer
shirlette ammons
Gene Nichol
Mark Kleinschmidt
Elizabeth Haddix and The Gurley Flynns
Mark Dorosin
Senator Angela Bryant
Happy Abandon
Phil Venable
Laurelyn Dossett, Molly McGinn, Alice Gerrard & Band
Catch up with us during the event and get to know how we help small businesses manage their web and social media presence. Our passion is helping organizations break through and give more visibility to their brand and services. We’ll be at the event all day and we hope to see you there too!

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