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Finding the work-life balance presents unique challenges for all individuals, particularly for parents. The #MomBoss meetup group is a safe space for working moms and dads to come together to discuss strategies and experiences in the quest to find balance in work, self-care, family, children, and everything that comes with career and family.

All parents are welcome.

Our Next Meet-Up Is
October 26 in Durham

The event is FREE, But There’s Only Room for 15! 


Meet the #MomBoss Meetup Hosts:

Stacy Whitenight
Stacy Whitenight

3 Bossy Bees - Chief Innovator

“Hand me a blank sheet of paper and let’s build something beautiful.”

I believe great ideas are generated by imagination and good communication. When you build a solid trust between team members, you have built an idea engine. Innovation is rarely about a single idea, or a single person. Innovation comes from many ideas created by many brilliant people working together.

My mission is to work with clients to plant seeds for the future of the business; innovation is always in the future! I am passionate about making improvements and creating positive change. When this passion collaborates with fellow innovators,

I studied and started my career in Marketing. I went back to school for an M.Ed in Instructional Design. My professional experience ranges from non-profit, to large enterprise. I feel most at home in the Small Business sector where innovation can positively impact not only the organization but the surrounding community.

Kim Cada
Kim Cada

3 Bossy Bees - Chief Navigator

“I’m drawn to the big picture.
My instincts want tangible ways to get there and I find myself plotting from point A to point B.”

It is often the small nudges, consistent good work, and dedication that brings the desired change most organizations seek. There is a joy for me in helping clients see that their goals are attainable, helping put a plan in place, and driving to attain them.

My experience and expertise in developing and managing learning programs gives me a great perspective on what works to reach users. Working with a variety of industries and organizations of all sizes, I am able to share practices and strategies with client’s top of mind concerns.

My MS in Adult Learning and certification for the Project Management Professional (PMP) are resources that I use daily to analyze situations, develop creative solutions, and make a plan to implement. Marketing brings a combination of opportunities that I’m passionate about: diving into a new subject matter, clear concise design, and working with technology.

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