Developing relevant content for my customers

Developing different topics or branching out of your comfort zone for content can be uncomfortable. You might wonder if it applies to your audience or if the topic has any alignment to your main area of expertise. Your main field of work may appear narrow in focus if the topics you cover require a strict connection to your daily tasks. The content on your blogs or social media becomes repetitive and your audience gets bored with seeing the same posts and blogs over and over again.

Know your Audience

Take time to develop your customer personas. We have talked to seasoned marketing experts and this crucial step is often lost in the number of other marketing activities that clamor for your time and energy. Developing your customer personas bring you back to the essential “why” for what you are doing. By taking a timeout to reflect on your target audience, you will discover many tangential topics and subjects that interest your customers.

questions to develop customer persona

Sample Customer Persona

Let’s walk through an example of how developing a customer persona will create an opportunity for content development. This opportunity will give you additional subject matter to attract a wider audience and keep your current one interested.

Story Development

What story can we tell from assumptions about the photographer’s potential clients? To begin formulating your story pull together the points of discovery. For our example, we will use the family as our customer:

  • They may have children, possibly with more on the way.
  • They are likely to have a dog or cat.
  • One or more of the parents may work-from-home there is a possibility that one parent stays at home.
  • There may be sports activities, such as soccer or swim team on the weekend.
  • The weekend may include children might attend birthday parties and parents often do yard work, cleaning the house, and shopping to prep for the week.
  • Short-term goals may include sending out the holiday cards, holiday planning, scheduling vacations during the break.
  • Long-term plans may include an upcoming move or home renovation.
  • The family is likely to live in a single-family home in a suburban neighborhood.
  • They may frequent local restaurants like Elmo’s, Nantucket Grill, or Mellow Mushroom.
  • They want to be involved with the kids, their community and maintain seniority at work.
  • Challenges for them may include time to have meals together or opportunities to bond as a family, completing school work, and some stresses on costs like childcare, orthodontia, or college tuition.

Building Topic Ideas

While your customer persona will not cover every single person that will read your blog or social media, it will light the creative fire to develop different ideas. Identifying your audience’s interests may add a different dimension to your expertise. Based on what was identified you can begin to identify additional content areas that the audience may find helpful as it relates to your business. Here are topics that this family photographer might tackle:

  • How to take candid photos with pets
  • Best times to take photos of kids
  • List of must-have  photos from sports or team events
  • Favorite card companies
  • How to hang a portrait or photo gallery wall in your home
  • Best ways to take a backyard photo or share the favorites
  • Best local area sites for photo sessions
  • Ideas for family activity photos
  • How to dress for photos with best season colors or possibly wearing school alma mater gear
  • How to make photo gifts or what best sites are for photo gifts

By formulating an idea about your current and potential customers you can develop targeted content. Your more focused content will be of greater interest and attract customers. This demonstrates your understanding of their needs and wants. It also entices them to return to your site and services.

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