Where for art thou customer service

We have all been there. Well, many of us have anyway. According to researchers at American Express, 35% of us have lost our tempers being at the receiving end of customer disservice. We are victims of bad customer service and American businesses are notorious for not supporting business strategies to make a strong area market segment.

Some of the most explosive customer service events, that I recall, are dealing with my cable service providers. After a half-lifetime of dealing with the almost yearly interactions with customer service, I cut the “line” completely to the cable service provider industry. Cable is a monopoly in our American lifestyle. Today, I am resourceful enough to find my football games when I need them. I’m delighted to release cable customer service entirely from my life.

The art of a better deal

3 Bossy Bees helps organizations build marketing programs. We also connect businesses with customers and even connect with other businesses in the community that can complement their services or products. These marketing campaigns are strategically complex and time-consuming. There are proven metrics to support the ROI. A detail that is often overlooked, however, is the customer service that needs to accompany these programs.

Your web
site and social media presence are extremely impactful business tools. They are not just marketing tools, but customer service vehicles. Consumers crave your customer service and interaction.
Forrester looked at desired methods of customer interaction and the research showed that 67% preferred websites and email interaction, and complementary to that social media interaction preferences hovered around 22%.

Your business needs to be ready to face social media platforms head-on as your customers are ready to interact with you here. When businesses interact with their customers through social media, they are going to spend 20-40% more than customers who do not (Spark Social via the Bain Company) 

The most influential consumer demographic (ages 30-49) active on social media are also using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to log their complaints. Sadly, 80% of these online complaints are ignored.And, according to Forbes, there are consequences to non-action for business; 89% of the consumer population polled, admitted that they made the switch to a competitor when they received poor customer service, as reported by Oracle in a Customer Experience Impact Report. On average, this switch will cost the typical American business an average of $289 in lost revenue.

A solid strategy = marketplace dominance

Forrester reported 73% of customers scored brands as “ok,” poor,” or “very poor” regarding customer service experience. You can market your business and campaigns on social media like the world champion, but your organization needs a customer service strategy in place. Since only 26% of companies have a solid strategy, this gives your brand a tremendous advantage in the marketplace.

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