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Tips, advice, and a little bit of sanity for the working parent
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Audrey Hepburn once said, “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” At 3 Bossy Bees, we have discovered through many failed experiments that being a working parent is not an art of perfection. It takes patience, community, and an open mind to do this job gracefully. As we grow “older” in this working-parent journey, we are dedicated sharing our experience to lift up other working parents around us. Come along as we share tips and tricks to this crazy journey with a good dose of humor.

Recent Podcasts and Blogs

Should I Buy Cheap or Expensive Clothes for My Kid?

Cheap or Expensive Clothes? In this week's podcast, we highlight the best and worst investments in your kids' clothing. We want them to be confident, feel cozy and comfortable, but it's painful to watch them grow out of their clothes so quickly! It's okay to cut some...


Listen and Follow the Balancing Mom Podcast on Spotify Childcare options that work In this week's episode of the Balancing Mom podcast, we tackle childcare. Both Kim and Stacy's families have tried many different options. The basic need of childcare is...

Hurricane Watch and Indoor Activities

Our 3 Bossy Bees team is based in Durham, North Carolina. While the severe impacts of Hurricane Florence have not turned in our direction, the local area prepared and braced for impact. We watch the news and weather updates intently and are thinking of all the...

Fail Gracefully

I have been fortunate to learn the art of how to fail gracefully through years of playing competitive sports. Failing gracefully is a valuable skill to carry into your adult life. It’s a work in progress, but as a result, I am a better mother, friend, partner, and...

One New Thing

Podcast Transcript Stacy: How's your week been? We just started... (laughter) What (new thing) are you trying with this week? Kim: Well, I will say when I get to work every day I write down what I have to do for work and then I also write what I had to get done in my...

I Scheduled Too Much Stuff

Podcast Transcript Kim: [00:00:08] Hello and welcome to our very first podcast of balancing mom. In today's episode, we dive into over scheduling and what we can do to overcome our tendencies to overcommit and try to find a balance for the fun things we like to do and...

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