Tuned into the big-picture to win the game. Adaptable enough to uniquely contribute to each milestone to achieve every goal.


We are committed to every business, every project, and every person we work with. We believe that relationships that last are built on reliability. Our customers trust us to provide quality work.


When you work with 3 Bossy Bees you will find a pace that you will want to follow. We push past adversity and challenges to tackle tasks and get the team to the finish line.


Our recipe for good work is consistency with a dash of laughter. Because we are passionate about this line of work, we create a work environment that is eager and upbeat.

It Likely Began with a CHEERS!

Just a few times in life you bump into another person whose energy jives with yours in a fun and creative way. We have so much in common and yet we are so different, which you’ll see makes the work more interesting and joyous.

We love brainstorming and building campaigns that capture the wow factor. Building online communities from the ground up, developing content on the most technical subject matter, and creating programs designed to continue conversations are ways we help organizations increase visibility and establish partnerships.




“Hand me a blank sheet of paper and let’s build something beautiful.”

I believe great ideas are generated by imagination and good communication. When you build a solid trust between team members, you have built an idea engine. Innovation is rarely about a single idea, or a single person. Innovation comes from many ideas created many brilliant people working together.

My mission is to work with clients to plant seeds for the future of the business; innovation is always in the future! I am passionate about making improvements and creating positive change. When this passion collaborates with fellow innovators,

I studied and started my career in Marketing. I went back to school for an M.Ed in Instructional Design. My professional experience ranges from non-profit, to large enterprise. I feel most at home in the Small Business sector where innovation can positively impact not only the organization, but the surrounding community.




“I’m drawn to the big picture.
My instincts want tangible ways to get there and I find myself plotting from point A to point B.”

It is often the small nudges, consistent good work, and dedication that brings the desired change most organizations seek. There is a joy for me in helping clients see that their goals are attainable, helping put a plan in place, and driving to attain them.

My experience and expertise in developing and managing learning programs gives me a great perspective on what works to reach users. Working with a variety of industries and organizations of all sizes, I am able to share practices and strategies with client’s top of mind concerns.

My MS in Adult Learning and certification for the Project Management Professional (PMP) are resources that I use daily to analyze situations, develop creative solutions, and make a plan to implement. Marketing brings a combination of opportunities that I’m passionate about: diving into a new subject matter, clear concise design, and working with technology.

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