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    Just a few times in life you bump into another person whose energy jives with yours in a fun and creative way. We have so much in common and yet we are so different, which you'll see makes the work more interesting and joyous.
    We love brainstorming and building campaigns that capture the wow factor. Building online communities from the ground up, developing content on the most technical subject matter, and creating programs designed to continue conversations are ways we help organizations increase visibility and establish partnerships.

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    We know small businesses need more hours in the day. Saving you time and money is our top priority.

    We work with you to develop a marketing and business strategy tailored specifically to your audience and customers. We immerse ourselves in hard data, but we also look at your customer base as a person to make sure you compete and establish your online presence by creating genuine business relationships.

    Together, Stacy and Kim will share how to use social media to develop key relationships that influence your presence and identify affordable ways to increase your visibility.

    Ask to see our portfolio and you'll have an opportunity to check out our customer blogs, design and development skills for infographics, marketing materials, and videos.




    We love it, frustrations, trial and error, and outcomes that leave a lasting impression. We learn every technology presented to us and we dig into the challenge of marketing each unique program or service to multiply audiences. Are you:
    ● Overwhelmed with too many tasks to get to your social media?
    ● Finding it difficult to establish your online presence?
    ● Frustrated that your posts don't have any traction?
    ● Unsure of how to leverage social media platforms to your advantage?
    ● Confused about why your webpage isn't ranking higher?
    ● Wanting to refresh your brand?

    We understand you are a master of your craft and your business succeeds when your focus is on your customers. Let us help you learn how to:
    ● Use social for business
    ● Align your business goals with your marketing strategy
    ● Create an online brand that reflects your business
    ● Find answers about your online presence

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    Provide and fulfill industry best practices, such as responsive website design for your website.


    We can help keep your business and customers safe from malicious internet creepsters. We assist with developing and securing your WordPress site.

    Analytics & Reporting
    Analytics & Reporting

    We value data because it tells a story about your business, customers, and how everything ties together around your bottom line.

    Visual Identity
    Visual Identity

    Design is so much more than scribbles and squares. Your image is your brand and we delicately comb it through every aspect of your business.

    Creative Marketing
    Creative Marketing

    We align your digital and traditional marketing campaigns with your business. We can create a promotional strategy and materials for public relations, advertising, and social engagement.


    We aggregate data so you go to market with a strategy that differentiates your brand in the rapidly evolving digital space.

    Training and Support
    Training and Support

    We offer full support and training for all of our services.

    Strategic Advertising
    Strategic Advertising

    Build campaigns that maximize your dollar's impact with strategic advertising and promotion through quality content and targeted campaigns.

    Social Engagement
    Social Engagement

    We can create meaningful social media content on a variety platforms that engage your customers and community to elevate your presence.

    Social Media

    It is no longer optional for businesses to hide from social media. We offer strategy and development services to establish your social media presence on key platforms.

    Website Development

    Your website is the digital face of your business. Let us elevate your online presence and showcase your product and service with clarity. Let us train you on SEO best practices, maintenance, and updates, so you can own the experience and contain your costs.

    Digital and Traditional Marketing

    Develop promotional strategy and materials for public relations, marketing, and social media. You can have a library of materials and promotional items that fit with your brand and positively engage your customers and the populations you serve. We will also supply analytics that inform your digital and traditional campaigns with the evidence to create results.

    Business Strategy

    We understand that a business operates on more than just marketing and social media. We can help you identify and implement best practices in operational management that ensures your customer’s needs are fulfilled from supply chain to their customer service interactions.



    We are inspired by our experiences. The people we meet, places we've traveled, books we've read bring together ideas and action into our work. Explore with us as we take on new adventures. We share more than just business tips, we open up new opportunities. We create experiences that engage and deliver on possibilities. We try and fail graciously or triumphantly succeed at new endeavors, and stumble upon life's funny and mysterious landmarks.

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    What’s the Point?

    Sometimes I hear, “What’s the point of social media for my business?” From a small business perspective, it seems like a lot of work for uncertain reward. After a recent interaction with a client, who didn’t want to invest


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